Carta de servicios

Service charter

Department of Education of the Government of Navarre


- Promote communication with students and their families
- Foster the engagement of educational and industrial centers of the region
- Foster coexistence and respect for people
- Foster hard work, effort and desire for self-improvement
- Deal with the growing diversity of students
- Foster entrepreneurial spirit
- Ensure respect for the environment
- Promote the development of innovative projects
- Foster participation in solidarity proyects


The moral and ethical principles which guide us are the following:
- The management board of the institution lead, implement and ensure communication between the different parts of the educational community
- All members of the educational community respect duties and rules
- Respect, tolerance and equality of all the members of the educational community are the bases of coexistence
- Ecological consciousness, respect for the environment and health
- Hard work and effort for personal growth
- Involvement and participation of all the community in the organization and running of the centre
- Sensitivity and empathy

What services do we offer?

Educational offer

Courses available

Vocational Training

Intermediate Training Cycles:
- Mechanics
- Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
- Administration
- Nursing Assistant
- Microcomputing systems and networks
- Give attention to dependant persons
- Electrical and Automatic Installations

Advanced Training cycles
- Industrial mechanics FP DUAL
- Network Administrator
- Finance and administration
- Development of Web Apllications on-line
- Multi-platform Applications Development on-line
- Tourist Guide, Information and Assistance

* Basic training cycles: Electricity and Electronics, Catering and Cooking
* Adapted Training cycles for General Administrative Services
* Training for employment

Plans and projects

- Communication with families regarding any special issue observed in the student
- Reading and book borrowing services
- European programs management (Erasmus+)
- Job bank
- Coexistence, mentoring, emergency prevention plans...
- Implementation of the educational offer and relocation of the centre
- Cardio protected


- Flexible classrooms
- Special-purpose and technical classrooms
- Workshops
- Computers: one for every two students
- Library
- Audiovisual room
- Indoor Gym/court wall
- Canteen
- Front office
- Educational/teaching measures room

Commitments and indicators

The CI POLYTECHNIC OF ESTELLA, in a process of continuous improvement, strives to provide quality service to the educational community. In this context, we are committed to pursue these objectives by conducting regular monitoring and indicators

  Commitments Indicators
1 Effective management YES or NO To be recognized as “Excellent” by the Department of Education in the year 09-10, with annual follow-up. As well as the subsequent renovation
2 Warming welcome and clear and precise information to students and families 75% satisfaction by students and families
3 Quality professional and academic training 70% satisfaction by students and families
4 Guarantee a homogeneous and transparent students’ assessment procedure 100% of the subjects give students a written statement with the assessment and grading criteria
5 Teach 90% of the programmed contents % of contents taught
6 Teach 90% of the scheduled time % of hours taught
7 Good academic results CFGM: 60%, CFGS: 75% % of students who pass (2nd final)
8 Good professional integration results 75% of students find a job after the training period or continue studying
9 Satisfaction of the students with mentoring 60% satisfaction by students
10 Professional and personal insertion measures with families and students 100% of personal issues attended
11 Respect and coexistence environment 80% satisfaction by students and staff
12 Contribution to improve and preserve environment Energy and paper saving plans, paper recycling
13 Organization of supplementary and extra curricular activities 90% of students participate in at least one activity
14 Foster agreements with companies and institutions for training periods (FCT>1) More vacancies in companies than students in order to carry out the training period
15 Support international training periods % of students and teachers who take part in Erasmus or Leonardo projects
16 Guarantee life long education for teachers More than 35 hours a year per teacher
17 Make the centre accessible to students and families in the region 70% satisfaction with the information received at the centre
18 Improve communication with students and families by means of new technologies 100% of families receive the access key to EDUCA academic management program
19 19. Make administrative management in the centre easier 60% of students and families felt satisfied with the service given by our administrative staff
20 Effective SQR management 100% managed in one week

Management of the Service Charter

Guarantees for the fulfillment of the commitments

- The centre, within its continual improvement scheme, carries out, periodically, its monitoring and control. Results are publishing on the webpage of the centre.
- In case objectives are not attained, the centre follows a standardized process to carry out the necessary measures to improve future performance.


Existing law regulating this Services Charter is available on the Education Department Web

Responsible use of the service


- Participate actively in the life of the centre and suggest proposals for improvement
- Receive clear, useful and reliable information about the activities of the centre
- Receive the educational attention needed according to the different abilities and needs
- Be assessed fairly and with equity according the behaviour and academic performance
- Respect for confidentiality in personal data and personal reports


- Respect all the member of the educational community, rules, facilities and equipment
- Attend lessons regularly and punctually
- Make good use of the opportunities offered by the centre
- Put a lot of effort into studies and develop working habits
- Involvement of the families in the educative process of their children

Channels for communication

Suggestions, complaints and claims

- They must be handed in personally in the centre by means of the Suggestion box placed in the office, or submitted via the website or e-mail using a standardized form
- Study and written answer
- In case the response is not satisfactory, the complaint can be taken to the Inspectorate of the Department of Education

Channels for participation

- Social council
- Satisfaction questionnaires
- Student board
- Web (contact)

Means of communication

- Interviews, telephone, mail, e-mail, sms, website
- School management program (EDUCA)

Last update

Nov 25, 2019

We are part of a quality network for schools in Navarre which promotes the ongoing improvement of our Management System.